Behind the Scenes Mortality with The Mortuary Assistant

DarkStone Digital has teamed up with DreadXP to publish a game that explores a certain occupation that we often neglect–or rather, avoid. The Mortuary Assistant sees the day-to-day life of Rebecca Owens, an otherwise oblivious morgue employee as she goes about her apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary.

As an apprentice mortician, you are more or less aware of the basics–but the basics never involved anything beyond embalming. Having to work in such an unnerving place can be hard enough, but rumors are afoot, and you can’t help but overthink.

The Mortuary Assistant Video Game

River Fields is rich with history, and has its own trove of mysteries. Many of which involve the supernatural nature of the dead being possessed by nefarious spirits. You’ll have to uncover these mysteries yourself as you manage the daily tasks of the mortuary, and care for the incoming deceased. Something is definitely not right–but why so?

The Mortuary Assistant is another return to form for the first-person survival horror genre. While it hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen the release of titles such as Phasmophobia and Visage, it’s always interestingly scary to imagine what goes on at the local morgue. Now, imagine having to actually work there–on the night shift.

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For those who are brave enough, the game comes out today, August 2, 2022 on PC via Steam.


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