Black Jewel Reborn

Black Jewel Reborn Hack ‘n Slashes into Development

Indie development studio PSCD Games is finally entering the production of their hack ‘n slash title, Black Jewel Reborn. This came about after they exceeded their initial goal of $41,000 and managed to raise $65,851 on Kickstarter. Sweet.

Black Jewel Reborn

Black Jewel Reborn is a cooperative hack and slash side scroller set in a fantasy world filled with magic, mystery, and murderous demonic entities. The game features 3 different playable characters, each of which have three normal attacks, a jump attack, and a special attack. Yet another feature allows you to call upon an almighty deity for some divine reckoning–which means everything on the screen gets obliterated.

After attaining two stretch goals, the finished game will now include a new level on all platforms and a new anthropomorphic dragon warrior with animal power and rage rolled into one. The game looks promising, and the sound design ain’t half bad.

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At the moment, there is a demo version of Black Jewel Reborn on Genesis/Mega Drive For future releases, PSCD games aims to release the title on Super Nintendo, NES and Game Boy, as well.