It’s Survival-Horror, Open World Style in Vorax

Vorax is an atmospheric open world survival horror. Alone, with no food or equipment, you will need to explore, craft and fight your way off an infected island as you uncover it's dark secrets.

Independent publisher IndieGala just dropped some major news. A new gameplay trailer for their upcoming atmospheric open world survival horror game Vorax is now live. Things are looking quite promising, in the most atmospherically horrific way possible.

The game is set on a Mediterranean island where a mysterious pathogen has afflicted the entire populace. As part of a NATO special intervention team, you’ve been tasked to investigate the island, uncover the mysteries surrounding the pathogen, and hopefully, find a way to contain it–if you can.

Vorax Survival Game

Vorax features a large and detailed environment, as expected of an island off the Mediterranean. Complete with urban areas, sewers, caves, and various different areas to explore, you’ll find yourself immersed in the game. You’ll also encounter a variety of infected enemies and abominations, but will be well equipped for the task. In turn, you’ll also be building barricades, fences and traps to fortify your stronghold.

The game also features crafting, day and night cycles, and unique sleep mechanics which affect your overall experience. To survive an island-born pandemic, it’s imperative to get a firm grasp of your skills–lest you find yourself dead, or worse, infected.

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Vorax is set for release in Winter 2022 on Steam.