Blast through stylish parkour in Venus Looks for Jupiter

DancingEngie has released Venus Looks for Jupiter today for free on, Venus Looks for Jupiter is a first person platformer clocking in at around 10-20 minutes, and aims to provide a satisfying experience whilst telling a story that’s all killer, no filler. An official description reads; ‘Players assume the role of the titular Venus, as she takes on a short journey across rooftops and interiors to find love WHILE ALSO shooting at red objects with a big, fat revolver.

The game is tailored around, and based on, an Israeli song of the same name – so much so that a dynamic music system will do its best to tie the song to a player’s progress. Should they tap into the game’s “flow” and master its mechanics, they are rewarded with being the star of a kickass, fast-paced and unrelenting music video.’

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Taking clear inspiration from the likes of Mirror’s Edge and Titanfall 2, as well as the movement speeds of shooters like Quake and Half-Life, Venus Looks for Jupiter seems like a real and genuine test of dexterity that never sacrifices momentum, the focus is not on exploration but on moving closer toward your goal.

Those interested but not yet sold can watch the game’s opening minutes here;

The inspiration for this DLC is commendable, and something I sympathise with as a fan of the game, Emeric Thoa explains; “We read all the messages from Furi players and this one really stuck with us: “I wish I could forget Furi to discover it all over again”. This is how we got the idea of the Onnamusha fighter that brings a completely different playstyle with a layer of tactics.” 

This new DLC allows the game to be played again in story, speedrun or practice modes, but the DLC isn’t the only new content; The studio will also publish a free update to the base game on all platforms, that includes all paid and free content available for Furi: One More Fight DLC and all the improvements made since the release (Invincible Mode, Furier Speedrun, Alternate controls…).

The game is totally free, and available to download right here, and to keep up with DancingEngie you can go to their twitter or website.

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