Celeste fans will love the look of RUN

Announced during the 2021 AG French Direct, RUN: The world in-between is a hardcore die-and-retry runner, similar to games like Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami and Ghostrunner, but particularly Celeste. Brought to life with the wonderful pixel-artwork of Tattoo artist and streamer Encre Mecanique, this title features multiple game modes and hours of content.

RUN takes place in a world where everything is constantly moving, ‘you will have to face the dangers of the World In-Between to reach for the light.’ As anyone who has played this kind of game before will tell you, this kind of experience can be quite addictive, the quick restarts afforded to this genre really encourage that feeling of ‘just one more try’. This game even includes a score counter, so you can replay levels to try and beat yourself. Another inclusion in this game is an ‘optimized mode’, designed for speedrunners. 

RUN will be available on PC via Steam and on Nintendo Switch from the 14th of April, watch the trailer now, or wishlist the game on Steam to be reminded when it’s available.

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