Take Down the Mother of Demons, O’Conall Style

Time for a cèilidh as Canada's HitGrab Inc. are back with a Switch port of critical hit; Clan O'Conall and the Crown of the Stag.

Time for a cèilidh as Canada’s HitGrab Inc. are back with a Switch port of their critical hit and multiple award nominated action-platformer Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag. After struggling to find an audience on PC despite universally high critic and player scores and multiple award nominations, Clan O’Conall is poised to come out swinging for Nintendo Switch on June 2nd.

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Clan, Sweet Clan

Clan O’Conall is a game that fully deserves the title of buried treasure. Save your dad from the clutches of the mother of demons Caoránach by wielding the bow, sword and fists of his children; Clakshot, Kilcannon and Haggish. Snappy platforming and tight combat mechanics come wrapped in a meticulously researched, brilliantly vibrant art style that brings its Celtic folklore source material to life and fits right in alongside Cartoon network classics like Samurai Jack – a connection players have already been making in the comments on the most recent trailer that released on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel last week.

Those same players have also been comparing Clan O’Connall to Trine and Guacamelee based on the need for lightning fast character swapping between the O’Conall siblings to navigate the environment and beat a series of demonic bosses summoned from the pages of Celtic myth. My personal favourite from a playthrough last year was the original headless horseman Dullahan, who tries to kick your clan up the kilt by tearing his own head off and throwing it at you while cackling maniacally.

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Hibernia Awaits

Get June 2nd in your diary and get your O’Conall tartan ready if you played and enjoyed Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight or any other 2D action platformers on the Switch. This one looks set to tick all the boxes and then some. After all, despite all the demon slaying, it’s really about family.

Don’t have a Switch and like the look of the game? You can pick it up now on Steam via the link below for an absolute bargain;