Clan O’Conall Hits Nintendo Switch Today!

Celtic action platformer Clan O'Conall and the Crown of the Stag gets a 30% discount across Switch and PC as it hits the Nintendo eShop.

Celtic action platformer Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag launches on Nintendo Switch today! A hand painted action platformer that’s got vintage Samurai Jack-esque visuals wrapped a round a tight, fast 2D platforming, character swapping and boss fighting indie game, it was a critical hit when it released on Steam on 2021 but was criminally overlooked by players and struggled on the platform, so here’s to it finding its audience and the success it richly deserves on the Switch!

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Based on Celtic folklore and set in the land of Hibernia (the name Roman historian Tacitus gave Ireland in his book Agricola) Clan O’Conall tells the tale of the three O’Conall siblings; Clakshot, Haggish and Kilcannon as they fight their way through Hibernia into the mythical fae world to save their dad who’s been kidnapped by the mother of demons. You swap you’re way between them as you navigate environmental puzzles, clear out smaller enemies and take down bosses. The best of which, as I mentioned in our previous coverage, is Dullahan; the original headless horseman who throws his head at you while cackling manically. In one retelling of the mythology he also wields a whip made out of the spines of dead men which is, frankly, dope.

Image Credit: HitGrab

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If you like your 2D platformers on Switch you’ll love Clan O’Conall and at 30% off for the whole of launch week on top of an already very generous base price you’re getting a beautifully rendered, challenging and well tuned game for an absolute steal. We’ll be reviewing the Switch version in full for next week and if you don’t have a Switch handy but like the sound of Clan O’Conall you can pick up on PC via the Steam link below, where it’s also 30% off as well.