Clanfolk’s new update makes medieval Scotland even more challenging

Clanfolk has recently had a major update, in fact this marks the biggest ever update to the currently available demo, in preparation for the early access launch this Spring. If you don’t know Clanfolk, is a colony life sim set in a fully simulated rendition of the mediaeval Scottish highlands. It’s up to the player, controlling a group of survivors, to build homes, hunt, fish and craft preparations for winter. Clanfolk has a focus on being intentionally challenging, and tests the player for the steadily approaching winter season, where the whole game shifts into resource management and pure survival. 

This new update offers revamped character graphics, neighbouring clan interactions, the ability to craft clothing, new tools for construction and all-new map creation tools. Starting with this update, ‘players can now spend points to change the percentage of  mountains, lakes, forests, grassland, and wildlife.’ This opens up whole new opportunities and will need to be carefully considered by players to create the optimal starting spec.

All of this, on top of custom clan creation, which includes family tree scenarios with family members having abilities that develop over time, and other changes that deepen the depth and scope of the game and allow greater control over the player experience and how they manage their clan. 

Check out the game’s free demo now on Steam, and be sure to wishlist the game to find out when it enters Early Access.

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