Solve a dark mystery in Boreal Tenebrae

After being nominated for both Best Art Direction and Best Narrative at the Canadian Game Awards in 2021, Boreal Tenebrae has now revealed its release date. This game is published by Red Deer Games, who recently have gained popularity from games like Cyber Protocol and Art Sqool, and is developed by Canadian team Snot Bubbles Productions. Snot Bubble is headed by artist Daniel Beaulieu, who has previously worked on hugely popular animated shows such as Elena of Avalor, where he was lead animator, as well as The Rocketeer and Puss in Boots. This deeply ingrained history of artwork shows in this game, which comes to life through a great visual style, it’s even been given an animated short.

Boreal Tenebrae has you playing as Bree, sister of Sarah, who has been accused of causing the strange goings-on in their small town. The game takes after 90s PS1 classics, taking a new angle on eerie horror with its synth soundtrack and bright colours. You must explore the town and its dark flipside to find out the truth about what is causing the chaos that plagues your home.

Boreal Tenebrae has just had its xbox and Switch release dates announced, and you can dive into this unnerving and stunning mystery on April 8th.

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