Covert Critter Looks Pretty Solid

It’s time to cue ‘Snake Eater’ and break out the Calorie Mate because sodaraptor and NormalHumanSixx have come up with the most interesting nostalgia trip this side of the tactical espionage action genre. Covert Critter is a love letter to Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece of a franchise, Metal Gear Solid–and they kicked things up a notch by featuring an actual reptile.

You play as Koss, a covert operations specialist skilled with tactics, camouflage, and the basics of CQC. You’re up against a band of terrorists known as the Red Hawks who’ve taken a foothold of Shadow Moses-I mean, the GEKO Research Facility. With access to a massive array of nuclear weapons and plenty of their own reasons to use them, it’s up to Koss to stop them once and for all, lest they play him like a damn fiddle.

Covert Critter Game

With an arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and doohickeys to complete your loadout, the rest will be up to your stealth and animal instincts. Luckily, you can make good use of your gecko camouflage to even the odds against your feathered foes. Sneak, sleuth, and sabotage your way across the facility to investigate whether or not the terrorists have the ability to make a nuclear strike…and stop them if they do.

With timeless Playstation 1 graphics, 8 levels of action, a very MGS 1-inspired musical score, and actual codec conversations, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more tongue-in-cheek, yet deeply sincere homage to Kojima’s classic series. If you’ve been on the lookout for a great game to help you relive the good ol’ 90s, this is it. Kept you waiting, huh?

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Covert Critter is currently on, and available on PC via Windows, macOS, and Linux.


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