Cowcat Launch Surprise Release of Demetrios: Replastered on PS5

Right on brand, chaotic and goofy adventure game Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure launches its surprise release on PlayStation 5 on March 8th 2022. Originally launched on PC in May 2016, the indie game later launched on mobile, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in 2017, and Nintendo Switch in 2018, before making its way to next-gen consoles with the PS5 release.

What is Demetrios Replastered?

Created by French solo developer Fabrice Breton behind the indie game company COWCAT, Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure Replastered is a humorous tongue-in-cheek point and click adventure game. It follows the story of Bjorn Thonen, a Parisian antique dealer, who’s robbed after a drunken night out. When Bjorn investigates what happened, aided by his neighbour Sandra, he finds his way on a mysterious path to uncover ancient secrets.

Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure uses a mixture of hand-painted and animated visuals, and a mix of genres that fans of Discworld, Gabriel Knight, and Phoenix Wright may be familiar with. Featuring between 8 to 12 of gameplay and over 15,000 lines of dialogue, Demetrios contains elements of choices matter throughout the story and interactive mini-games along the way.

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What’s new in the Replastered version?

The Demetrios: Replastered PlayStation 5 exclusive released on March 8th 2022 comes with an array of special features for next-gen players. Along with re-rendered graphics, the indie game now includes improved 4K graphics, more saturated colours, and new upgraded fonts. 

Where can I play Demetrios Replastered?

The Demetrios: Replastered is exclusively available on PlayStation 5 via the PlayStation Store. But fear not – non-PS5 players can still enjoy the original Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure on mobile via the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android, or on PC (via Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Add to your wishlist today for silly, all-round fun!

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