Ukraine Charity Bundle News

Independent digital marketplace has over the past few years done a number of large game bundles raising money for charity causes, including a bundle in 2020 raising money for the NAACP and Community Bail Funds to stand in support of racial justice and equality, and again in 2021 raising money for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to help provide food assistance in Palestine. Some of these bundles were hosted by themselves, others by developers on the platform.

Now, Necrosoft Games is hosting a charity bundle for Ukraine on All proceeds from this bundle goes towards two charities: the International Medical Corps, who provide medical assistance, and the Voices of Children, an organization based in Ukraine to help children cope with the traumatic experiences of the war.

The total value of the bundle is currently over $6,500 USD, containing approximately 1000 items, including video games, tabletop role-playing games, game assets, novels, and more. The entire bundle can be purchased form the store page for a minimum of $10 USD. As of this writing, the charity bundle has raised in total more than $2,800,000 USD of its $4,000,000 USD goal.

Included in the bundle is Summer In Mara, Sundered: Eldritch Edition, Sky Rogue, and Long Gone Days, all of which have been reviewed by Indie Game Fans. In addition, popular Indie Games Celeste, 2064 Read Only Memories, Jotun, A Short Hike, and Superhot are also available.

Link to the Bundle:

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