Dagger of Xian: Swan Dive into the Best Fan Remake of Your Life

Tomb Raider II isn’t an indie game by any stretch of the imagination, but French developer Nicobass’ fan remake of the first level in Unreal Engine 4 is an independent effort worth celebrating. Including contributions from artist Inna Vjuzhanina, Jennifer Milward’s voice acting for Lara, Dean Kopri’s work on music and Alexandre Serel on script duties alongside beta testers, and fan support from a series of Tomb Raider community pages.  It’s as good a sign as any that if the IP holder won’t remake a beloved classic, the fans can and will take things into their own hands – with startling results:

Development seems to be continuing with the quad bike stage of Tomb Raider II’s first level currently being worked on. Listen to Dean Kopri’s brilliant remake of the soundtrack below:

The most recent version of the demo that’s available to download is version 1.22 which you can download HERE. Additions include:

  • Implementation of missing facial expressions in combat
  • A new outfit for Lara
  • Collision bug fixes
  • And more

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