The Axis Unseen: Heavy Metal Hunting in a New World of Folklore Infused Horror

What do you get if you cross the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy’s archery, the DOOM soundtrack, and Witcher-esque folklore monsters? You get The Axis Unseen, the new indie game announced by solo developer and game industry veteran Nate Purkeypile.

Developing the game as a newly-formed one-person indie studio Just Purkey Games, Purkeypile had previously worked on developing huge AAA gaming titles such as Skyrim and Fallout 4 before rounding out a 17 year stint at Bethesda Studios as the artistic lead on Fallout 76. 

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What’s The Axis Unseen about?

The Axis Unseen combines hunting and horror elements in a dark, disturbing world of haunted monsters and terrifying creatures. Players must track, hunt, and kill monsters – or be killed first.

While it seems incorrect to call it a ‘first-person shooter’ for a game steeped in mythology and timeless in history, players are thrown into The Axis Unseen’s world in the first person, equipped with a bow, arrows, and mystical runes. Weapons and senses can be upgraded as you move through the hostile world, using your sight, smell, touch, and hearing to survive. Reach shelter before nightfall, or you may soon come face to face with the creatures of nightmares…

To immerse players into its horror-themed world, the game is supplemented with a ‘primitive’ heavy metal soundtrack, composed by Clifford Meyer (guitarist for post-metal bands including Isis and Red Sparowes).

The first track for The Axis Unseen from Just Purkey Games, composed by Clifford Meyer (from metal bands including Isis and Red Sparowes).

Where can I play The Axis Unseen?

Although The Axis Unseen has confirmed its release for PC (through Steam and Epic Games), it’s not yet been announced which consoles will be selected for launch.

When is The Axis Unseen launching?

The Axis Unseen hasn’t confirmed an official launch date just yet, but more details will be updated closer to release and the announcement trailer shows off some haunting environments in all their UE5 glory. In the meantime, why not add to your Wishlist on Steam? We’ll see you when the axis aligns…

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