Dive into the Dunes of Desert Revenant’s New Demo

Inspired by Arabian lore and built by development teams in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates – Kreationware’s deckbuilding roguelike RPG Desert Revenant has a new demo and some developer streams scheduled for Steam Next Fest! 

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Image Credit - Kreationware

I don’t like sand….

Fans of Slay the Spire, Inscryption and Underlords rejoice, there’s a new indie deckbuilding card battler on the block. Desert Revenant focuses on minions and summonable allies to deploy in hand-crafted encounters spread across one map (with full features scheduled for early access). The setting is inspired by the mythical side of Arbian history with crafty Djinns to battle and bargain with, alongside demons, dragons and a giant legendary serpents. 

The art style fits the setting like a glove with characters and abilities popping out from the desert vistas and ruins. The parts of the demo we’ve played so far have been stable and polished with Kreationware keeping the card action snappy and satisfying. We’ll be keeping an eye on Desert Revenant as it heasd towards early access which promises to include player choice that impacts the wider story, many more locations to explore and characters to encounter. 

Desert Revenant’s free demo is available to play right now as part of Steam Next Fest alongside developer streams scheduled for Saturday the 18th of June between 6PM and 9PM. You can also keep up with development on the official Discord or by following them on Twitter or Facebook

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