Tactics RPG Demonschool Announced

Inspired by Persona and Italian Horror, Demonschool has been announced from developer Necrosoft Games and publishes Ysbryd Games, who you may recognise from World of Horror and VA-11 HALL-A respectively. The game’s great visuals are ‘drenched in strange visuals and hellish grotesquery driven by a funky bassline that renders even the most horrific scenario irreverent.’ 

An official quote reads; “We wanted to create a game with complete transparency while still allowing for mystery. You’ll never have to guess at numbers or what does what.” said Brandon Sheffield, creative director of Necrosoft Games. “We hope the story carries you through to a positive vision for the future, and what is possible when like-minded individuals work together against a larger evil.”

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demonschool announcement

In the game you play as a group of students who are new to a colourful island that’s home to a prestigious university. You’ll take part in sports clubs, get a world class education and witness the apocalypse. This is a streamlined tactics game where the mechanics are fast and action-packed, and these exciting surreal encounters are sure to draw in even people who don’t normally like the genre. 

For a plot description, the devs have said; ‘For freshman Faye, the last living heir to a long-forgotten family of demon hunters, school is nothing like it looks on the brochures. While her peers get to flirt through Freud and dabble in Dante, Faye and her new band of misfit friends get shunted toward supernatural investigations. A woman who lost her face? A summoning ritual in the cemetery? Mailer Daemons!? The underworld inches ever closer to the world of humanity… college is hell!’

Demonschool will be releasing on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Steam Deck in 2023. You can also keep up with development on the official website or on Twitter and Facebook.

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