Dungeon Crawler Hellslave is Out Now!

Claiming to be ‘the first dungeon crawler RPG’, Hellslave is out now, and is sure to be one of the most interesting dungeon crawlers of the year. This title will have you crafting weapons and climbing complex skill trees to destroy the demons once and for all. Announced in September 2021, this title is now ready to go, and you can play it right now. In Hellslave you ride horses into battle and roll the dice to fight off demons, this visually gorgeous dark fantasy RPG is available now.

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The world is coming to an end and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Save it from a demon invasion by making a pact with the Devil and praising one of 6 demons to avoid humanity’s demise into darkness. Use your newly acquired demonic powers against the invaders and destroy the hordes before they can destroy you! The CEO of Ars Goetia, developers of the game, had this to say as they move into the launch zone; “HellSlave is a concentrated version of all I’ve always wanted as a player : the fun of progression, a creative personalization system, and the fun of exploring. I tried to apply this well known formula, and make it into my own..”

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Hellslave is available now on Steam, GOG and EGS, you can follow future developments on the game on Twitter, and for more indie game news stick right here on Indie Game Fans.

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