Sandy Survival Experience is Steam Deck Ready

Italy’s Tunnel Vision Studio and Toplitz Productions continue to expand indie open world survival game Starsand by getting Steam Deck certified and adding sandboarding. Neat.

Starsand May sandboard Update News
Image Credit: Toplitz Productions

Board Already?

For those of you who like some speedy traversal in with your open world survival games, Starsand has you covered with their new fast-paced travel option for navigating the arcane desert world: craftable sandboards. Zoom down precipitous dunes to explore ruins, make camp or quench your thirst at an oasis. Or zoom away from the snapping jaws of one of the game’s many sand worm looking creatures which we are henceforth christening as sandtipedes.

What else was added in May?

  • Multiple save games – for players who want to see if the game has fall damage without paying for it
  • Double and hatch doors – for the budding base architect
  • Steam Deck Certification – praise the proton layer, Starsand is Steam Deck ready

Most popular news:

For ordinary men, it’s a burning fiery furnace

If you like you open world survival and you have a Steam account then Starsand is absolutely worth a look, and its currently 25% off, pick it up via the Steam link below;

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