Embr launches free new Secret Hosr mode in major update

Popular indie wacky firefighting simulator and all-round frantic indie game Embr has released its first major update since its launch in September 2021, with a new and intriguing twist…

What is the new Secret Hosr update in Embr?

Previously, the game relied on the co-operative actions of either one or multiple players (known as ‘Respondrs’) to source and put out fires, rescue trapped citizens, deliver food into a burning building (yes, you read that correctly), and stop things from blowing up. 

Now, Embr’s new Secret Hosr mode adds a sneaky social deduction aspect to the game, with one player randomly assigned as the secret ‘Hosr’ agent. Their job is to sabotage the rest of the team’s efforts – whether it’s removing ladders to trap unsuspecting Respondrs inside the burning building, stealing cash for themselves, or even mercilessly killing their teammates and staging the whole thing as a tragic accident. It’s then up to the rest of the team to figure out who the Hosr agent is and give them the boot, before it’s too late.

Embr is developed by Muse Games – the New York indie development studio behind the Guns of Alliance series – and published by Curve Games (previously Curve Digital), joining the ranks of other successful indie games such as Human Fall Flat and The Ascent.

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Where can I play Embr?

Embr is available to play on PC (via Steam) and on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles. The free Secret Hosr update has been rolled out across all platforms, and is available right now.

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