ChefSquad: new free-to-play Twitch chat game launches on Steam

From the creators of Cook, Serve, Delicious! comes ChefSquad, the first free-to-play game designed for Twitch streamers to invite up to 25 people from chat to play along and run a busy, multiplayer restaurant. With the Twitch streamer playing as the overall ‘head chef’, the players in the Twitch chat must work together in co-operative mode to cook, get orders out quickly, and unlock new and exciting recipes to pave the way to restaurateur glory.

ChefSquad contains new campaigns and challenges for its chat players, with 6-8 hours of gameplay to keep Twitch chat and streamers hungry for more. The indie typing game is unique in that players require a Twitch account, as all gameplay is carried out exclusively online through Twitch.

Following the success of the Cook, Serve, Delicious! Series of intense cooking-focused typing games, the developers were excited to work on a smaller, but more interactive, game, working with successful Twitch partner and streamer whatifJulia to showcase the game in real-time on the Twitch platform. 

“The tech we used to power this game (such as Twitch integration) will be utilized in future games,” says indie studio creators, Vertigo Gaming Inc., “and it was just fun being able to make something creative and unique!”

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Where can I play ChefSquad?

For Twitch streamers, ChefSquad is available to download and play on your very own Twitch stream through Steam. For non-streamers, there’s still plenty of chance to participate and cook up your very own multiplayer feast – keep a lookout on Twitch for your favourite streamers playing ChefSquad on-stream and join with up to 24 other people through Twitch chat.

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