Escape Academy Brings Expertly Crafted Escape Rooms Today!

Escape Academy seeks to be ‘one of the first video games to authentically capture’ the feel of a real-world escape room.

From Coin Crew Games, game devs and real-world escape room designers, comes Escape Academy. Citing themselves as an ‘arcade-first’ game studio, Coin Crew Games look to create multiplayer experiences to be played both in your home and outside it. Best know for arcade machine “Hot Wheels: King of the Road” this is their biggest title yet!

Escape Academy Video Game

Escape Academy seeks to be ‘one of the first video games to authentically capture’ the feel of a real-world escape room. An official game description reads; ‘For seasoned Escapists, puzzle game fans and gamers in search of a good mystery, Escape Academy brings home the thrill and teamwork of in-person escape rooms into an immersive mystery game filled with a colourful cast of characters and a plethora of puzzles to unravel. This title brings the teamwork, exploration and intense scenarios of IRL escape rooms straight to consoles in this epic mystery featuring a prestigious school, relentless rivalries and an abundance of puzzle-solving. Escape Academy can be experienced in single player or with friends in a cooperative multiplayer mode. Players can fly through levels with friends in an online dual-screen multiplayer mode, or in-person locally with everyone working together to achieve elite Escapist status – all without leaving the comfort of the living room.’

“We set out to build an experience based on the familiar style of escape room – and quickly found that we were set free in the digital space to build literally anything,” says Wyatt Bushnell, Co-Founder, Coin Crew Games. “Creating a digital escape room removes all physical constraints – no worrying about player safety, or whether they’re going to rip a painting off the wall. We can just focus on building something that’s fun. Let’s make the player climb a water tower that’s slowly filling up with water or leaking gas into a room. The Crew loved that freedom when developing Escape Academy.” 

“Working on Escape Academy let us combine our expertise building physical attractions with our video games chops, and the result is something really unique.” said Mike Mohammed Salyh, Co-Founder, Coin Crew Games. “We’ve spent a lot of time watching players solve our escape rooms (both digitally and IRL) and studying what makes them tick, and I’m really proud of how true to the medium Escape Academy feels. It was a lot of fun bringing ‘escape’ to this larger-than-life format.”

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Escape Academy is available on Xbox Game Pass and for digital purchase on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store for $19.99 USD.