Experience Prehistorical Colony Simulation with Sapiens

It’s pre-history in the making, and quite literally so. Solo developer Majic Jungle just dropped its prehistoric colony sim Sapiens on Steam, and for the first time players can experience the full game and all it has to offer. After garnering quite a bit of hype upon being teased a while back, Sapiens recently won “The Perfect Recipe” award at the New Zealand Game Festival’s Pav Awards. That’s a pretty good sign.

Sapiens Survival Game

The game allows players to build and cultivate their own. After starting from scratch with just about 10 settlers, it’s up to you to gather, plant, harvest, and craft your way into comfort across an otherwise desolate landscape. Leave no tree untouched and no stone unturned. The “Sapiens” will be the lifeblood of each playthrough, and whatever decisions or actions you make in helping them build their own paradise must be done with a bit of thought.

The usual mechanics don’t end there, as after you’ve done the required tasks of building and fortifying, it’s important to make sure that things over at camp don’t spiral into chaos. Managing your Sapiens’ moods while maintaining proper shelter and food supply can see them multiply and prosper–just as any run-of-the mill human would. There’s a lot of relatability here, I can tell.

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Sapiens is now available on Steam!. For more information on the game, you can also check out the developer’s vlogs and their official Discord.


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