Explore the Horror Hollywood of the 80s Nightmare Frames

Picture this, you’re a screenwriter trying to make it big in the hollywood of the 80s; your regular slashers aren’t doing it with audiences anymore and your career has reached a standstill. However, an eccentric millionaire has offered you the chance of a lifetime if you can only recover the genius horror director Edward Keller’s last, unreleased work, said to be the scariest film ever made. Well, I hope you’re picturing well because that’s the exact setup of Nightmare Frames! This title has just released on PC and can be downloaded now.

Nightmare Frames Video game

This point-and-click adventure has you solving a multitude of fascinating inventory puzzles in an investigative thriller that starts off in the bright streets of LA and just gets darker and darker as you progress into the story. From ambient, low-key horror to the gory depths of hell itself. With more than 80 playable locations and 50 characters to interact with this is sure to positively be gripping, helped by a period-true original soundtrack by synthwave musician Stefano Rossi. And on that soundtrack, In Joe’s Diner you’ll be able to listen to SYNTHWAVE FM, where DJ Karen Johnson broadcasts licensed tracks by Heclysma, Decade Defector, Vincenzo Salvia and Self Delusion. 

This supernatural adventure game is the first commercial release by Postmodern Adventures, an award-winning one-man studio who have in the past helped on the release of Urban Witch Story and Billy Masters Was Right. An official plot synopsis reads; ‘Play as screenwriter Alan Goldberg and find your way amongst B-films production companies, VFX workshops, religious cults, and a small, haunted town called Serena.’

Most popular news:

Nightmare Frames is out right now for Steam and Itch.io, at a base price of $12.99 USD / 10.99 € / £10.99 GBP, with a 10% discount until June 23rd.

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