Farthest Frontier Survival Game

Farthest Frontier Hits the Jackpot with 250,000 Copies in Week 1

Crate Entertainment’s newly released survival city-builder, Farthest Frontier had its much-awaited release last August 9th. As of today, it has officially sold more than 250,000 copies– a mere 7 days after launching on Early Access. With over 4000 Very Positive reviews on Steam (84%), Farthest Frontier has remained in the top 5 global sellers list for the past 10 days.

The game sees a small band of settlers aiming to build their own home at the edge of the known world. As the player, it’s your job to make sure they see things through.

Farthest Frontier Survival Game

Following this massive success  Crate Entertainment just dropped the game’s first major community update. This patch includes a big boost to stone and mineral deposits, including the chance for a massive stone deposit depending on the map; new notifications when traders arrive, an increase in merchant frequency, and a new “Idyllic Valley” map-type which yields a more bountiful amount of resources.

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Farthest Frontier Survival Game

“The reception to Farthest Frontier so far has been fantastic and we’re glad to see so many of you enjoying the game, providing feedback and reporting issues. The game will become the best version of itself thanks in part to your support and contributions. It’s the very reason we wanted to do early access again for our second title; the community is showing us that it was the right decision.” – Arthur Bruno, Owner and Lead Designer

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Farthest Frontier is available now on Steam for 29.99 USD as an Early Access title. To learn more about the game you can visit its official website.