Fear the Spotlight Survival Game

Fear the Spotlight Helps us Relive 90s Survival Horror

The lovely developers over at Cozy Game Pals bring us an intriguing 3rd-person atmospheric title that’s in the same vein as classic PS1 survival horror games of yesteryear. Fear the Spotlight aims to bring thrills, chills, and retro feels this side of early 2000s polygonal goodness.

The game sees players roaming dark halls in search of your friend Amy. Sunnyside High has its fair share of mysteries, and the disappearance of your friend is one of them. A grim 25-year history shows how an accident left part of the school burned and derelict.

Fear the Spotlight Survival Game

The story leads you to the abandoned area in search of Amy, but something sinister lurks in the shadows. Does the mystery tie into Amy’s disappearance? There’s only one way to find out.

Fear the Spotlight Survival Game

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Given the main objective is to find your friend and uncover mysteries, a fair amount of stealth gameplay will be incorporated. You’ll also be sneaking past monsters, because you cannot fight back. If that wasn’t trouble enough, puzzles will need to be solved. Let the power of friendship preval.

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Fear The Spotlight is set for release via Steam and itch.io in late 2022.