Fight an alien PC to save your kind in Sporox!

Sporox, the latest title from UK-based studio Creature Friends, has just received an all-new trailer, and it looks wonderful. Composed of creative computing and music graduates, Creature Friends make it their mission statement to ‘make weird little games about weird little creatures’. Having previously worked on small projects such as Dream Detective, Sporox is their biggest endeavour to date.

Sporox Upcoming Game

According to an official dev description; ‘Set in a world where our natural resources are waning, we look to the stars as our last-resort for renewable energy. Meteorite fragments now provide the power needed for everything in this world. Project Sporox puts you in control of a devious little alien brought to Earth by the astronauts that seek the meteorite fragments. This alien’s homeland seeks to destroy humanity and has sent their bravest messenger on a perilous journey to spread a deadly virus through a computer’s ethernet to infect the entire world. Fight several bosses set within different computer components and work with fellow viruses in an effort to take over the planet. Will the virus spread?’

Now empowered by the government-funded Tranzfuser talent development program, Creature Friends are working around the clock to make Sporox as much of a fun guy as they possibly can. Play as this little mushroom trying to save your species by spreading spores around the world. Trapped in a computer you’ll come across exciting environments, frightening foes and awesome abilities as you take back what’s yours.

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You can play an old alpha demo for Sporox right here, and for updates on this fantastical and exciting title be sure to follow Creature Friends on Twitter.


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