Garden Witch Life is your wholesome cottagecore fantasy

This upcoming game comes from German studio FreetimeStudio, we got a look at this game last year when it was announced during the Wholesome Snack, but a longer look at the game during the Wholesome Direct 2022. Not only did we see new features from the game but we also got a taste of where the game goes and the world you will live in in Garden Witch Life.

According to FreetimeStudio; ‘FreetimeStudio is a developer in the clouds with a small team of passionate people from around the world. Working on their second title they strive to tell diverse and enchanting stories in beautifully crafted worlds.’

Garden Witch Life Announcement Trailer

In Garden Witch Life you will build your own garden and cultivate crops in order to make potions and spells. You’ll also be able to build friendships with townsfolk and discover the town’s magical secrets. In the most recent trailer we got a look at a new mechanic which asks players to keep their plants’ stats in balance in order to keep them thriving. ‘Plants will have stats, buffs, and debuffs depending on where they are planted and with which companion plants, as well as factors like sun and shade come into play.’

We also got a glimpse of the story here; after losing your job you end up in a small town far away from home, you decide to stay in a vacant witch’s house and build a new life for yourself. Restore and reinvent a magical garden where you grow peculiar plants and ingredients for potions, and make homes for critters and spirits.

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You can wishlist the game right now on Steam and make sure to keep an eye on it as it’s sure to have a release date announcement soon.

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