Gear up for Outworld Exploration in Farworld Pioneers

Things just couldn’t get any more “out of this world.” Developers Igloosoft and publisher tinyBuild just announced PC Early Access for Farworld Pioneers, an open world 2D side-scrolling survival title following a team of scientists after wrecking on a random planet. It’s interplanetary travel yet again–only this time, you’re at an impasse.

The plot picks up after you wake up on a foreign planet after a horrible crash landing. What follows is a combination of scavenging, crafting, and fighting to survive in a cruel, unknown planet that has its own level of mystery and danger. As you prepare yourself, a few survivors may appear, thus increasing any chances of making it out of the planet alive–or at least being able to stay for a bit longer.

Farworld Pioneers Action game

With the tools at hand, crafted or otherwise, you’ll be able to terraform, build, and modify the land to be as inhabitable as possible. You’ll have an assortment of weapons at your disposal–both to hunt for food, and to ward off any threat. All you have to do is find a way to craft them.

Farworld Pioneers boasts a rich, detailed 2D aesthetic with beautiful, scenic backgrounds. The dark pixelated hues combined with vivid colors give the game a more classic feel that any old school gamer would enjoy. Rho Watson, founder and developer at Igloosoft.

“We can’t believe we are so close to the Early Access launch. Partnering with tinyBuild and going through a major rebrand was an exciting process that brought us closer to the vision we had for the game. We cannot wait for players to be able to join us in the exploration–we promise it will be worth the wait!”

Most popular news:

Farworld Pioneers will enter Steam Early Access for Windows PC in 2023.


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