Ex-Zodiac Arcade Game

Get your Fast-Paced, On-Rails Shooting Fix with Ex-Zodiac

Pixeljam and Ben Hickling harnessed the power of the ol’ reliable Godot engine and added their own little bells and whistles to create Ex-Zodiac–a fast-paced rail shooter with a stylized look reminiscent of early 90’s 3D games. It looks pretty sweet.

Follow the exploits of Kyuu, a high-octane action heroine, as she speeds, flys, shoots, and fights to free the worlds of the Sanzaru Star System, overrun by the intergalactic terrorist organization known as Zodiac. Basically, a bunch of Zodiac Killers. I’ll see myself out now.

Ex-Zodiac Arcade Game

The game features a colorful, retro low-poly visual style with 6 main levels and 6 bonus levels right now–that’s 12 all-in-all by launch. You’ll encounter equally fast and deadly bosses at the end of each level, each piloted by a member of the Zodiac. This all culminates to the bear of a sweet 16-bit style soundtrack produced by +TEK combining FM and wavetable synthesis.The 80s will never die–we hope.

For maximum interstellar satisfaction it’s best to use an ‘Xinput’ compatible analogue controller (Xbox, PS4 etc), but fret not, for other digital devices can be used too. D-pad or mouse and keeb are very much welcome and re-mappable. Fight the way you want–through whichever peripheral.

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Ex-Zodiac is available right now and in Early Access on Steam.