Arctictopia Arcade Game

Arctictopia Features Excitingly Icy Puzzles

Tokyo developers Gravity Game Arise just dropped their new title “Arctictopia” on Steam. This is a project under the “GRAVITY INDIE GAMES” label that aims to help players discover Indie game gems from all over the world.

For those curious about this frosty family-oriented adventure, Arctictopia is a puzzle game set in the icy seas of the Arctic. The goal is to search out a route for the parent polar bear to navigate the ice floes to help the cubs.

Arctictopia Arcade Game

Movement causes the ice to melt rapidly, so jump from glacier to glacier to reach your cub before it melts completely. The game currently has 150 stages in total, and there is no time limit. So, explore the route carefully and move along the ice.

The game features a unique and fascinating arctic world filled with cute illustrations–much like a hand-drawn picture book you’d see as a kid. You’ll come across other polar bear families, seals, seabirds, and other animals in your trek.

While the game involves a polar bear rushing to save a stranded cub, this is a game meant for a bit of rest and relaxation. So, don’t stress out about it..

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Arctictopia is currently available on PC via Steam.