Gleaner Heights: Season Two Coming To Steam In March 2022

Gleaner Heights is a game with time progression, it made sense to introduce all these new elements in some sort of chronological fashion.
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What is Gleaner Heights?

Under the guise of a seemingly innocent farming simulator along the lines of other popular indie titles like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, Gleaner Heights sets players in the titular small town with an undercurrent of something…different. Crafting, farming, fishing, cooking, exploring, and catching up with the townsfolk are just some of the tasks you can experience on the day-to-day, but peculiar circumstances are known to crop up as you continue your journey. Covering deep themes including domestic abuse, alcoholism, cheating spouses, murder, and supernatural threats, not everything is as it seems in this little town.

Whether you choose to upgrade your town into a booming economic hub, or dig deeper into the mysterious past of the town of Gleaner Heights and its residents, this indie game touted by the developer as “Harvest Moon meets Twin Peaks” has enough going on to satisfy every curious craving.

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What new things will we see in Gleaner Heights: Season Two?

Along with new plants like flowers and trees, and new pigs to add to your list of livestock, Season Two brings a lot more content to the game, which will be added on an episodic, in-game yearly basis.

New townsfolk and new romantic encounters freshen up the game’s social aspect, while a brand new plotline promises an experience unlike any other farming sim, opening up rifts to sinister dungeons, castles, and ruins to battle it out against devilishly difficult foes.

Where can I play Gleaner Heights?

Gleaner Heights: Season Two launches on Steam on March 24, 2022. Although a release date has not been confirmed for consoles just yet, Season Two will also launch on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Don’t forget to wishlist Gleaner Heights Season Two on Steam to be notified upon launch, and stay tuned for more indie game news coming soon!