Support Civilians in Ukraine, Buy X-Team on Steam Today

Ukrainian developer N-Game Studio's indie strategy RPG X-Team is currently being sold to help buy essentials for civilians in the conflict zone.

N-Game Studios are a Ukrainian video game development studio founded in 2002 and based in Dnepr. Their 2008 title indie strategy RPG X-Team (positively reviewed by one Steam user as being an novel hybrid of Fallout and Command and Conquer) is currently being sold on Steam with the proceeds going towards buying essentials for Ukrainians in the thick of the conflict. Pick up a copy through the link below to help support them.

‘War… War never changes. And most of all, ordinary civilians suffer from the war. N-Game Studios is one of the oldest game developers in Ukraine. For many years we have been making games for people all over the world. If you once liked Legends of Allods, Heroes of Might & Magic V, Frontline: Fields of Thunder, Towers of Oz, Blitzkrieg 3, Cossacks 3, and many others – this was part of our work too.

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You know, there is a war in our country now. And it’s you who can help ordinary civilians in Ukraine. To do this, just follow the link and buy our game X-Team at a special price of $50. The money raised in this way will be used to buy medicines, food, and other essentials. The more money you raise, the more people you will help.

Also, we turn to game sites, journalists, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. Please post this message on your resources. Maybe in this way, you will help save a few lives.’  – N-Game Studios

Original PR can be found here – Buy X-Team to Support Ukrainian People | Games Press