God of Rock Game

God of Rock Brings a Rhythmic Rampage of Fun

Video game publisher Modus Games dropped by Gamescom 2022 to reveal their rhythm-based, fist-pumping title, God Of Rock – a brand-new IP that brings music and combat together, bringing an original, rock-tacular fighting game experience.

Take center stage as one of the universe’s most badass talents with the power of righteous, rocking indignation. Duke it out like any other fighting game, but with less mosh pit brute force, and more hair metal finesse with unique rhythm game mechanics.

God of Rock Game

Following the prompts scrolling across the screen, you’ll be able to unleash a variety of attacks against your opponents. The longer the battle, the faster, more intense the beat

You’ll discover a variety of attacks, special moves, EX moves, reversals, and supers–like any good fighting game. Characters can also trigger additional in-game challenges on the fly, such as speeding up the track, freezing inputs, or dropping mines right in the middle of the song. Pretty much like a Dragonforce song–but with a bit less fire.

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God of Rock Game

Players have the option to start out in Training Mode, or stage dive right into the Story mode like a mad lad. Each story follows a fan-favorite character’s journey to be the last competitor standing. If this isn’t quite your tempo, there are local and online matches featuring rockers from all around the world. Tour at your own risk.

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God Of Rock is available to wishlist on Steam now and set for release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X|S and Xbox One this winter:

For more information on God Of Rock and Modus Games, visit their official website, or follow their socials on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord.