GTFO has a free weekend alongside ten new expeditions as part of rundown 7.0

GTFO has today shown off Rundown 7.0, which includes ten new expeditions. For those who don’t know, GTFO is the first game from 10 chambers, a collective formed by some of the developers for Payday and its sequel. The game had an extended early access period before launching in 1.0 in 2021. Since then, the game has had six major updates or ‘Rundowns’, and now it’s time for part 7!

GTFO rundown 7.0

In GTFO you and a group of other players explore an underground facility called ‘the complex’, and it has a unique system with its ‘rundowns’, where each new update adds new maps and scenarios that replace the previous ones. The new 7.0 update adds ten new expeditions, five of which expand the plot of the game, add a new garden environment and add a new terrifying tentacled enemy. The new garden environment adds blossom and green to the cold and dark environments of the complex, and the new enemy sports many tentacles and might be harder to kill than it looks. 

Another addition with this update is outlined by Robin Björkell, Communications Director at 10 Chambers; “To make onboarding a bit easier for new Prisoners brave enough to embark down in the Complex, we’ve added a solo tutorial level that will teach you the basic ropes of GTFO. But don’t keep playing solo; it’s still best to play with friends, work together, or die together.”

As well as all of this, The update includes a range of quality-of-life improvements, such as new sound effects, a more dynamic music system, animation, and graphical enhancements, and clearer visualisation of players’ progression rewards.

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If you want to buy the game or even just try it out during its free weekend, you can head over to Steam, and to keep up with future developments and updates you can head over to the official Twitter.

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