hack-and-slash Fallen Angel comes to switch next month!

Coming from Matrisoka Games and V Publishing, players will soon be able to ‘battle between heaven and hell’ in Fallen Angel, a top-down action RPG coming next month to Nintendo Switch. This game received positive reviews after its Steam release in October 2020, and the switch is the perfect place to play it.

Fallen Angel Video Game

Take control of Lucifer as he ascends from hell and gets revenge on those who banished him from heaven. An official description reads; ‘With no god in place, heaven is up for grabs and it’s up to Lucifer to reclaim his birthright and battle fearsome archangels. The pearly gates aren’t what they seem, as Lucifer must venture through a variety of stylized 2D locations from cyberpunk nightclubs to crumbling ruins. Utilize a vast arsenal of weapons in fast-paced combat from chain claws, blades, and guns.’

Featuring a great soundtrack, brutal combat which blends aerial combat with aggressive ground fighting, RPG character progression, an extensive list of weapons and items and bosses based on the old testament, this title is more than meets the eye. Brought to life with wonderful pixel art and animation and allowing full co-op, this is one to keep an eye on.

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Fallen Angel ascends to the Nintendo Switch on July 19th. For more information on Fallen Angel  follow the game on Facebook and Twitter.


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