Smurfs Kart?

On my list of things I was expecting to write about this week, I have to say that Smurf Kart wasn’t one of them. Eden games will be working on this title, and it’ll be published by Microids, and it looks to be a fittingly colourful racing game. There is a reason we thought this would be worth reporting on, Eden have put out some pretty strong racing titles in the past, such as Gear Club Unlimited, Test Drive Unlimited and V-Rally, so who knows, this could end up being a better title than one would assume.

Smurfs Kart Video Game

Each Smurf has their own kart and unique ability, and it’s up to you to find shortcuts and use items at the right time to pass your opponents. The game can be played in solo or in up to four player multiplayer, and promises accessibility to both seasoned kart racers and newbies to the genre.

Will this be the Mario Kart killer? Well, besides the fact you can’t kill what’s already dead, I can’t see it. However, it could be one to keep an eye on as I have a feeling it’ll surprise players.

Smurfs Kart Video Game

The game will be coming to consoles and PC and you can follow the publisher on Twitter for updates.

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