Indie FPS CROWZ Hits Open Beta

CROWZ is a Korean developed multiplayer shooter where players either complete missions in a squad or fight in larger scale faction battles over disputed territory.

Korean game publishers ThumbAge have announced the upcoming open beta for the new free-to-play indie shooter, CROWZ. Running from 21st February until 28th February 2022, anyone will be able to play in the open beta test through Steam, which will feature two brand new maps to explore across different in-game modes – the ‘Blue Whale’ and ‘Sellrain Valley’.

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CROWZ has so far garnered enormous interest on both Steam and social media, with the development team at RoyalCrow studios featuring regular beta testing, as well as sharing tips and tricks on how to become the best Crow, tactics for future Crows to perfect their aim on the battlefield, and surveys for their new FPS audiences to participate in.

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What to expect from the CROWZ open beta test

The CROWZ open beta testing will be held during the Steam Next Fest, starting on 21st February and running all week until 28th February. All players are welcome to participate, with some extra goodies up for grabs for everyone who plays during this time.

As well as experiencing the new maps and both the 4-player ‘Squad Operation’ and 64-player ‘Blood Zone’ modes, all weapons and equipment will be available to players at no cost during the Steam Next Fest week, with no limits applied to the number of players hopping into the servers.

Anyone who participates in the open beta testing from 21st-28th February will also receive bonus items including in-game T-shirts, which can be worn in the launching version of the game for extra clout against future foes.

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When will CROWZ launch?

CROWZ has been a long time in the making, and while Korean publishers ThumbAge haven’t released a launch date just yet, the free CROWZ demo is now available to play on Steam.