Road 96 is coming to console in April 2022

Hitchhiking narrative adventure game Road 96 is coming to Xbox and PlayStation this April, according to Europe-based publishers Ravenscourt and DigixArt. Having previously launched on PC and Nintendo Switch back in August 2021, the procedurally-generated story-driven indie game will be a welcome addition to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 in a few months’ time. 

“It’s really exciting to think that console players will soon be able to set off in search of freedom, discovering this adventure rich in emotions,” says Yoan Fanise, DigixArt’s CEO and Creative Director. “Road 96, which draws its inspiration from 90s road trip movies, is perfect for this generation of consoles and its players. Sit down and get ready for a unique road trip.”

What is Road 96 all about?

Set on the dusty roads of Petria in the summer of 1996, Road 96 is an immersive storytelling adventure with multiple different endings based on the choices you make. No one path is the same, with procedurally-generated encounters with different characters to keep each playthrough intriguing, fresh, and exciting. 

Created by the award-winning team behind games like Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold, and inspired by storytellers like Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers, Road 96 is a road trip for the ages, with special nods to the 1990’s including a nostalgic soundtrack and stunning visual style, against a backdrop of authoritarian oppression. Which road will you take on your journey?

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When will Road 96 launch on console?

While Ravenscourt and DigixArt haven’t yet confirmed a release date for Road 96 on console, the studios have confirmed that the indie game will be released in April 2022, so players won’t have to wait too long to enjoy their 90’s road trip adventure. 

Road 96 is available now on PC via Steam, Epic Games, and

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