Kitsune Zero / Super Bernie World

Kick Samurai Butt as a Cute Fox Girl in Kitsune Zero

Indie developer Eniko brings a nice little title that allows you to flirt with a cute boy–as a cute fox girl, and eventually save the world. Kitsune Zero is the much-awaited prequel to Kitsune Tails, another popular title running on the Super Bernie World engine.

The game allows you to run, jump, and stomp on ghostlike creatures from Japanese mythology, all of which roam the countryside and castles. As you collect powerups, our fox girl Yumi grows in size, shoots fireballs, and gains invincibility for a short time. 

Kitsune Zero / Super Bernie World

The plot is straightforward–and very Kurosawa-esque. Defeat a sinister samurai gang, and stop their ongoing war for conquest. Your mission tasks you with assisting the local onmyouji, a wizardly bureaucrat who keeps the peace. Only Yumi has the power to restore peace, and maybe get to go on a date for her trouble.

Kitsune Zero / Super Bernie World

Players will experience new graphics, new and remastered music, and a new story in the franchise, complete with voice acting. Twenty four new bonus levels are available, featuring brand new enemies to stomp on. The optional hard mode brings about a different challenge, but you’ll be able to save your progress and resume playing from any level you’ve previously reached. Did we mention you’ll be a cute fox girl?

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Kitsune Zero is available on PC through Steam and