Crash Override Video Game

Crash Override Glides into Early Access Today!

Indie Developer TMFX Studios just announced that Crash Override releases today on Steam Early Access for Windows PC.

The game is a fast-paced, retro cyber action roguelite that features a unique 2D monochrome 80s CRT visual style, and a very tasteful driving retro synthwave soundtrack. It’s a take on the genre that both casual, as well as more hardcore players, will appreciate.

Crash Override Video Game

One of the features includes a fully playable arcade mode as well as a speed run mode where you literally race against time, surf the cybernet and stop the total infection of your mainframe by a malicious virus.

Crash Override Video Game

As per the game’s description, it’s inspired by popular titles as it features death waves (FTL), enemy hordes and leveling mechanics (Vampire Survivors), and in-game stores (Binding of Isaac). As such, it also incorporates a bit of roguelite as you’ll be choosing from infinitely branching paths.

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Crash Override is now available on Early Access via Steam.