Idly play the story of King Arthur in King Arthur Chronicle

S&C Entertainment has announced that it has opened the global service of King Arthur Chronicle on the App Store and Google Play store. This side-scrolling idle-action RPG has you playing as a party of three characters. You’ll embark on a fantasy adventure story following the childhood of ‘King Arthur’, and contains several different types of gameplay, including field battles, boss dungeons, challenge towers, and material dungeons, as well as PvP battles with 20,000 stages and 140 characters. 

According to the developers; “King Arthur Chronicle was well-received by users in pre-internal tests with high-quality 2D graphics, splendid skill action, and well-structured content, differentiated from existing idle RPGs.” And a particular emphasis has been put on the game having a strong core gameplay loop.

However, the game is scheduled to release as one of the controversial ‘play-to-earn’ games based around NFTs and the blockchain (which is a big focus of S&C Entertainment going forwards), this will be implemented into King Arthur Chronicle at the end of the first half of 2022, at which time the service will be expanded to more platforms.

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