Try out colorful puzzle-runner AH3AD

Drive ever-forward on a road of neon light and colour in this retro-inspired runner and puzzle game. Featuring hand-crafted levels across several simple-yet-pleasing worlds, you must use colour-switching powers to your advantage to re-shape the levels into exactly what you need to succeed and reach the exit!

Smooth synth sounds and music will light your way just as much as the art design, and you can experience a journey full of trials, tribulations and glories. This game is available now on itch, and is a unique mix of runner and puzzle game that is sure to keep you on your toes as you dodge and switch your way through this bright, conundrum-filled world.

As you progress, you will find extra collectibles that unlock various customisation options, allowing you to make the experience your own, and speaking of which, the game supports accessibility settings for those with colorblindness and those people with slower reaction times.

The game is free, but if you like the experience and just want more, you can purchase the expansion pack, which is full of extra bonus stages and extra customisation options. You can watch the trailer for AH3AD here, and get it for yourself on itch.

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