Kitori Academy: Cosy Wizarding Life Sim Announces New Kickstarter

Highly-anticipated cosy wizarding life sim Kitori Academy is coming to Kickstarter, indie studio Cubenary announced last week. The announcement came on January 4th 2022 as part of a surprise to the Kitori Academy Patreon and Discord community from the two-person UK-based indie game studio. 

Since its announcement in August 2021, the indie game has gained notable interest through the social media platform TikTok, with Kitori Academy netting over 180K views from the many behind-the-scenes development update previews.

What is Kitori Academy?

Kitori Academy (previously known as Witchery Academy) is a game centred around a whimsical wizarding academy, surrounded by magical farmland and beautiful environments far as the eye can see. Players take the role of an apprentice wizard, attending magic classes to enhance skills, rescuing creatures from a mysterious curse, and tending to vegetables for potion brewing, spell making, and cooking in the school’s grounds.

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Fans of character customisation and crafting, this is one to watch. As well as being able to customise your own character, you can also acquire and customise your very own spirit companion in the form of a cat, which accompanies you on your adventures. 

The game is a blend of roleplaying life simulation and farming sim, with crafting elements and just a touch of Studio Ghibli-esque inspiration. The latest reveal shows that Mr Hopkinson, the headmaster, is a giant frog. Some keen eyed players have even spotted Calcifer (the fire demon character from the ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ movie) hidden in the depths of the promotional artwork…

Kitori Academy Game News Indie Game News

Where can I play Kitori Academy?

Although the game release date has not been announced yet, Kitori Academy will be available to play through Steam, and on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

How can I support the game?

You can support the creation of Kitori Academy either through the Cubenary Patreon or via the new Kickstarter campaign. Contributors can receive anything from exclusive game updates and promotional art to their name in the game credits.

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