Mortal Online 2: The Final Feature Patch is Live!

Hot on the heels of being awarded funding from Epic’s MegaGrant scheme, Mortal Online 2 final feature patch has landed.

New creatures, fresh bosses, expanded house decorations, a player journal, and loads of bug fixes hit Mortal Online 2

Hot on the heels of being awarded funding from Epic’s MegaGrant scheme, Mortal Online 2’s final feature patch is live, bringing with it new creatures, new bosses, expanded house decorations, the new player journal that updates with world encounters, and loads of bug fixes and polish.

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What’s been added?

  • First wave of house decorations
  • A journal that updates with information about things you encounter in the world
  • 2 new troll variations
  • 2 new minotaur variations
  • New tattoos
  • New armour
  • Fishing in rivers

For the full patch notes including further additions, changes and fixes click HERE. Pre-purchase Mortal Online 2 through the Steam link below for instant access to the beta and a month’s worth of free playtime at launch.