Last Oasis Gets a ‘Sweet’ Update with PC Release

Independent development studio Donkey Crew just dropped the eagerly anticipated Season 5 ‘LOverhaul’ update for Last Oasis. This just so happens to be right on schedule with its Steam Early Access release on PC last August 2. See, we told you the update would be sweet.

Last Oasis’ major ‘LOverhaul’ update brings some new flavor to the game as it introduces PVE to the mix. You still have the great base features which have you building a stronghold, gathering resources and schematics for better tech, and in turn, going against nature in bloody defiance.

last oasis Survival Game

The update also brings more cooperative and strategic elements to the game that sees newcomers starting out and getting through the game flying solo or in the relative fun and safety of a group. The latter seems wise as giant Papak frogs and mountain-sized Gogo boulder monsters await anyone who dares accept the challenge. Players can explore, build, and fight at their own pace. One may play the game the way they see fit. At the end of the day, PVP is always an option. It’s so nice to have alternatives.


Donkey Crew’s Creative Director and Last Oasis Project Lead, Florian Hoffreither elaborates further on this new update.

“The Season 5 ‘LOverhaul’ update was designed to attract new and returning players through the introduction of PvE-focused maps and gameplay that is both welcoming and offers a more cooperative way to progress. Whether their journey is solo-focused or players decide to team-up with friends, we’ve overhauled the gameplay loop to provide new and thrilling moments centered around exploration, crafting, and monster hunting that offers something for every playstyle in the oasis.”

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Last Oasis, featuring the ‘LOverhaul’ update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC via Steam.


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