It’s About Time We Met the TimeMelters

Made by a small indie team of 3 people in Autoexec Games, TimeMelters takes you on a journey to a mythical land of dreams and nightmares where certain challenges must be overcome with a certain chronological twist. It’s in the name, after all.

What we get is an action-strategy game that introduces a classic, yet reliable game mechanic: Time Travel. This allows players to go back in time and fight alongside themselves–pretty much like that one movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

TimeMelters - Challenges Video Game

The story follows Teagan, a witch with newly awakened powers now tasked with purigying the countryside from a mysterious, corrosive evil.

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TimeMelters - Challenges Video Game

The game features time-based, time travelling, and mind bending challenges with a very distinct art style to boot. It’s an appealing, third-person epic fantasy that should definitely be a title to look out for.

TimeMelters – Challenges is out now, and available on PC.. For more details, check out their Steam page.


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