Leap: Blue Isle Studios announce new indie sci-fi title

Leap into action! Toronto-based indie development studio Blue Isle Studios have announced a new indie sci-fi title – Leap – with an Early Release date set for February 2022. Combining team-based aerial combat, exosuits, and first-person shooter battles for up to 60 opponents per fight, Leap promises to be an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping new indie shooter.

What Do We Know About Leap?

Don your military-grade exosuits and summon your friends for an all-out sci-fi battle. Large-scale combat brings everything from jetpacks and turrets to orbital strikes and Personal Vehicles to make every match more exciting than the last.

Players can choose from two different ‘employers’ or factions – the United Earth Defense Alliance, or the Exo-Terrans – as well as four different classes, each with different abilities and unique balances to alter combat and secure victory. 

LEAP Game News Indie Game Fans News

Blue Isle Studios have made their mark on gaming in the past, with the Canadian indie studio launching a wide variety of games from massively-multiplayer online RPG Citadel to first-person survival horror Slender: The Arrival. Similar to their 2016 release Valley, a first-person exploration adventure game which uses an exosuit, Leap seems to take the exosuit aspect to a whole new level, with plenty of other goodies and mechanical wonders to unlock and unleash on enemies.

LEAP Game News Indie Game Fans News

When Does Leap Launch?

While Blue Isle Studios haven’t confirmed an exact release date just yet, Leap will be available on Steam through Early Access later this month. Although Blue Isle Studios have previously launched their titles through consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, no announcements for a console launch have been made for Leap – at least, not yet…

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