Tinykin Video Game

Lots of Big Platforming Action with Tinykin

Developers Splashteam and publisher tinyBuild are dropping some major news with the launch of their latest title, Tinykin. Long story short–or big picture tiny, it’s bound to be one heck of a party.

The game follows Milo, an interstellar explorer who happens to stumble upon the homeland, planet Earth. The epic scale soon shrinks in size, quite literally, as you find yourself miniaturized inside a regular house. As expected, you’ll be platforming and talking your way out of trouble in hopes of re-sizing yourself, and uncovering the mysteries behind your sudden appearance.

Tinykin Video Game

You’ll meet a cavalcade of fun-sized folks, both the usual denizens of the house, and the eponymous Tinykin who will be quite the huge help in your adventure.

With plenty of fun gadgets and tools, traversing the epic scale will be, but a walk down the hall. Jump, fly, and glide your way around, and have fun while you’re at it. Master the techniques of mobility while unravelling the plot behind the 90-styled, humble home–and why it decided to cut you down for size.

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Tinykin is out now on Steam, GOG, Epic, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access upon launch.