Magical Retro FPS ‘Into The Pit’ Launches Today On PC and Xbox Consoles

'Doom' meets 'Skyrim' in this 90’s inspired retro FPS, launching today on October 19th 2021. Descend into a monster-infested pit, cast spells to rescue survivors, and save the village from evil.

Doom meets Skyrim in this 90’s inspired retro FPS, launching today on 19th October 2021.

Set beneath a harrowing cursed village, players descend into a monster-infested pit with an arsenal of devastating spells at their fingertips. Cast magical spells to rescue survivors, grow your powers, and save the village from impending evil.

This unique action roguelike hits the stores on Steam and Xbox One, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass from the get-go.

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Descent Into Horror: A Deep Dive Into The Pit

You play as one of the members of a family of lore-hunting mystics. When your cousin Luridia discovers a demonic pit in a nearby village, her previously frequent letters mysteriously stop coming.

Therefore you journey to the cursed village that’s environmentally akin to the likes of Van Helsing or Bloodbourne. Your task? Find your cousin, and discover the secrets in the labyrinthine tunnel system below.

This game looks perfect for anyone who mainly plays as a mage in any typical RPG, but wants something a little more raw and gritty that packs a punch as an FPS.

Into The Pit combines high-octane combat with elements of the occult, demonic ritual, and supernatural eldritch horror. Spellcasting can be accomplished with one or both hands for dual spells with mixed effects, perfect for on-the-go healing and causing powerful damage all at once.

Into the Pit Game News Indie Game Fans

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Into The Pit comes as the impressively well-formed first game developed by Nullpointer Games. Published by Humble Games, who have brought us a huge variety of games from adorable massively multiplayer creature collection game TemTem to tricky anime-inspired roguelike card battler One Step From Eden, this forms a shining jewel in the crown for the juggernaut publishers.

Into the Pit Game News Indie Game Fans

Where Can I Play Into The Pit?

Into The Pit is now available on PC through the Steam Store as well as on Xbox One consoles. Xbox Game Pass has also released the game on its storefront, so gamers can download and play from day one.

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