New Action RPG ‘Knight Crawlers’ Announced at Gamescom Asia 2021

There are always plenty of novel and interesting new ideas announced at Gamescom Asia, and Knight Crawlers looks like one of them.

There are always plenty of novel and interesting new ideas announced at Gamescom Asia, and Knight Crawlers looks like one of them.

Made by developer Good Morning Games and published by Singapore’s The Iterative Collective, this wacky-looking medieval romp sets players against everything in their path armed with their trusty battleaxe, from skeletons and the undead to ducks. Yes, ducks.

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A Knight’s Tale: About Knight Crawlers

You are the Crawler, a skilled warrior destined to battle their way through swathes of enemies encountered behind each dark portal.

This 3D dungeon crawling action RPG comes with a cacophony of chaos as players storm the path as Kevin the Knight. Expect physics-based ragdoll combat, wildly flailing gymnastic combat moves, and hordes of enemies to destroy (or just angrily wave your weapon at).

As any roguelike worth its salt, each crawl is procedurally generated to be completely unique. Players can pick up weapons, skill cards, and a whole myriad of other helpful goodies along their journey. In order to progress further through each run, players need to be on the lookout for handy loot, or resources in order to craft more powerful weapons and armour.

Knights stomp, fight, and barrel over enemies with physics-based gameplay, with the ragdoll mechanics offering often hilarious consequences of rolling around and helplessly flailing on the floor.

Players can also enter PvP arenas to battle it out against friends online, making grabbing all the useful upgrades all the more important along the way.

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Behind The Scenes of Knight Crawlers

Founded in 2021, Good Morning Games is a husband-and-wife run indie game development studio, with Knight Crawlers becoming their first ever venture as a studio into game creation, working together with The Iterative Collective.

The Iterative Collective have previously published other RPG games such as the post-apocalyptic puzzle game The Signal State, as well as the roguelite deckbuilder Sigil of the Magi. However, this is their first foray into the world of physics-based combat, and boy, does it look like a fun one to start with!

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When Is Knight Crawlers Coming Out?

While there is no exact release date on the cards just yet, Knight Crawlers will release for PC in 2022.

Stay updated on the game’s progress and get the first swing of your battleaxe as soon as it releases by adding Knight Crawlers to your Steam wishlist today.